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Emptyvase зеленый человек una parabola d'amore

just a game!

;You have full right to take this code/reproduce it, and you do not need my permission for it

alias shiffre {
;Write starting values to the hash table
var %hcommand = hadd -m shiffre
%hcommand level 1
%hcommand x 2
%hcommand y 2

;About game enabled:
;game_enabled = 0 | game is disabled
;game_enabled = 1 | game is waiting
;game_enabled = 2 | user is allowed to press a key

;Startshiffre: continues with the rest of the code
alias -l startshiffre {
;Write some default settings, that need to be set each time after a new level, you should not change these
var %hcommand = hadd -m shiffre
%hcommand game_enabled 1
%hcommand timer 1
%hcommand countdown 4

;Open the window
window -ak0 @shiffre

;Clear the window
clear @shiffre

;Create the play field

;Timer to do certain operations
.timershiffretimer 3 1 shiffretimer

alias -l shiffretimer {
;Is the game enabled? Check first. (Because this is a timed function this is important)
if ($hget(shiffre,game_enabled) = 0) {
.timershiffretimer off

;Set the label for the goto command
var %label = $hget(shiffre,timer)

;increase one
hinc -m shiffre timer

;Goto the label to perform commands
goto %label

:1 | return
:2 | removerandomnumber | return
:3 | askfornumber | return

alias -l shiffrecreatefield {
;Create Play Field function

;Double while loop to create the play field
var %y = $hget(shiffre,y)
while %y {
var %x = $hget(shiffre,x), %output
while %x {
%output = $+(%output,$rand(0,9))
dec %x
aline @shiffre %output
dec %y

alias -l removerandomnumber {
;Remove a random number from the field

;Set the line to replace
var %linetoreplace = $rand(1,$hget(shiffre,y))

;This is the line
var %line = $line(@shiffre,%linetoreplace)

;Calculate which Nth number has to be removed
var %char = $rand(1,$hget(shiffre,x))

;Store that number
hadd -m shiffre number $mid(%line,%char,1)

;Make the new line with a loop, so that position %char can be removed
var %a = 1, %newline, %charadd
while %a <= $len(%line) {
%charadd = $mid(%line,%a,1)
if (%a = %char) %charadd = $chr(160)
%newline = $+(%newline,%charadd)
inc %a

;Replace the line
rline @shiffre %linetoreplace %newline

alias -l askfornumber {
;Ask for the removed number function

;Is the game enabled? Check first.
if ($hget(shiffre,game_enabled) = 0) return

;Get the current countdown number
var %countdown = $calc($hget(shiffre,countdown) - 1)

;You are gameover
if (%countdown = 0) gameover

;Decrease the countdown in the ini file, if it reaches 0, then you are game over
hadd -m shiffre countdown %countdown

clear @shiffre
echo @shiffre Enter number ( $+ %countdown $+ )

;Now the user is allowed to type in a number
hadd -m shiffre game_enabled 2

;Timed loop through this function for the countdown
.timershiffrecountdown 1 1 askfornumber

alias -l gameover {
;Game over function

;First immediately disable the game
hadd -m shiffre game_enabled 0

;Output a Game Over message
clear @shiffre
echo @shiffre Game Over (the number was $hget(shiffre,number) $+ ) $+ ! You reached level $+($hget(shiffre,level),!)

;Finally end the script by halting

on *:CLOSE:@shiffre:{
;User closed the window, the game is now disabled
hadd -m shiffre game_enabled 0

on 1:KEYDOWN:@shiffre:*:{
;First check if the script has asked to input something
if ($hget(shiffre,game_enabled) = 2) {

;Calculate the number pressed
var %keypressed
if ($keyval < 60) %keypressed = $calc($keyval - 48)

;Also allow keys from the numpad
else %keypressed = $calc($keyval - 96)

;Checks if it was a valid input, else return
if (($len(%keypressed) != 1) || (%keypressed !isin 1234567890)) return

;Check if it was the correct number
if (%keypressed = $hget(shiffre,number)) {
;You pressed the right number

;The game doesn't allow any input anymore now
hadd -m shiffre game_enabled 0

;Increase level by 1
hinc -m shiffre level

;Increase x by 1, max value is 65 to avoid errors at very high levels
if ($hget(shiffre,y) < 65) hinc -m shiffre y

;Increase y by 1, max value is 25 to avoid errors at very high levels
if ($hget(shiffre,x) < 25) hinc -m shiffre x

;Display a message
clear @shiffre
echo @shiffre That is correct!

;In 1 second a new level will start
.timernewlevel 1 1 startshiffre
else {
;wrong number: game over
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